Monday, November 26, 2012

Crossing Texas

It was foggy when we left San Antonio early this morning but it lifted just enough for me to get this shot as we were driving out of the city.

For the first hour and a half it looked like this...the fog was pretty heavy at times.

We drove 432 miles today which makes for a pretty long, tiring day. We've covered this territory before so we are anxious to get to AZ now and see Sandee, Shawn, and our grands! I only took a few photos today. There were long stretches of not much to see, but then coming into view would be...

We don't recall ever seeing one of these; we've seen lots of 75 mph speed limits, but 80...yikes!

This last photo of today's I-10 drive was taken about 50 miles from our destination for the night, Van Horn, TX. We'll just sleep and head out early again.

Lovin' Life ~~ Getting Closer!

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