Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving in San Antonio

Do I have the best Thanksgiving story of all this year? You be the judge. The KOA provided turkey, dressing, gravy, rolls, tea, and water. There was a sign-up sheet in the office all week; I opted to bring mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. I lost sleep for two nights over how to cook and mash and keep hot ten pounds of potatoes but, after all that analysis and over-thinking, they turned out great!

Tables were set up along three sides of the Rec Center. As you came in, the first tables had all the hot main dishes.

The tables across the back had tons of side dishes and salads and rolls.

Just look at all the people and the line out the door!

The last tables were piled with desserts and drinks.

There were a LOT of people enjoying a GREAT Thanksgiving Feast together!

While standing in line, and taking pictures of course, a lady asked if we would like for her to take one of us.

See where Rich is sitting? I had just joined him a few minutes earlier when a guy standing to my right asked if he could take our picture. He had sunglasses on so it took me a second and then I saw his wife.

It was Ken and Gail who live in British Columbia. They are one of the couples we became friends with last winter in Apache Junction! They had just arrived here this morning. Like us, they took a long route on their way back to Apache Junction for this winter, winding their way across and down to San Antonio. They had often heard about this fun city but had not been here.

How is that for a small world story? Can you top this one? To be so far from our families and wondering what we would be doing on this day of Thanksgiving, this day turned out great with a KOA feast of all the traditional dishes and sharing the meal with friends from afar. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Lovin' Life ~~ On This Amazing Thanksgiving

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