Monday, November 12, 2012

Moving Day

Me: What the heck is this?
Rich: Free car wash!

Translation: It was raining cats and dogs in Georgia. I love that man's optimistic take on driving this rig through wind and rain!

Today it was time to move on further down south. We pulled out of Oak Plantation Campground fairly early and saw lots of these lovely scenes along the highway through South Carolina.

Isn't this sweet? Just another of many reasons to LOVE South Carolina!

But we were quickly and warmly welcomed by Georgia.

We stopped for lunch at a rest area along I-95. This rig pulled in just as we were leaving. The photo of the shotgun on the side? That's Rich shotgun! Isn't that almost like being famous or something???

Not much chance for photography with all the rain in Georgia.

Around 2:00 we entered our RV Park in Florida so took advantage of the afternoon to do some chores. While I did laundry at the RV Park, Rich went out to buy house batteries for the RV, installed them, and also went to Lowes for parts.  We'll be here for at least three sleeps and with chores done, it's sightseeing for us tomorrow

Lovin' Life ~~ And Another State

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