Monday, November 19, 2012

Lafayette, LA to San Antonio, TX

We drove 400 miles today, 100 in Louisiana and 300 in Texas, which means we only have another 580 miles of Texas to drive before getting into New Mexico...zzzzz  I know it's boring, I was there. Other than several rivers, there was not much to photograph but I do have a couple of things to share.

This is the Calcasieu River Bridge at Lake Charles, LA which was built in 1952. Do you see what's so cool about this bridge?

Spanning 1.3 miles and packing 10,572 guns, the Calcasieu River bridge is a noteworthy landmark for travelers along Interstate 10. The “guns” are actually likenesses of dueling pistols, pairs of them, crossed at the barrels and forming part of the support for the iron hand rails lining the sides of the bridge. [source: unknown]  The dueling pistols are unique and historical...way cool! That old railroad bridge is pretty cool too.

We stopped at the Visitors' Center just after entering Texas. I can never remember the six nations' flags that have flown over Texas throughout its history, can you?

Are you wondering what in the world this is? It was taken moments after these two pulled a Thelma and Louise on our windshield! As I clicked the shutter Rich asked, "Are you really taking pictures of those dead flies?" like he's new here...giggle!

This, my friends, is Houston, TX.

Simply an interesting sculpture in Houston.

Look! This is a three-wheeled dump truck.
Is it obvious that there wasn't much to see today?

When I was checking us in at the San Antonio RV Park where we stayed last time we were here, they mentioned a new amenity which we took advantage of after getting settled. I called the office to place our order and they delivered a fresh, hot pizza to our door. Now that's service!

Lovin' Life ~~ Ready for a Break in San Antonio

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