Thursday, November 15, 2012

Under Cold Gray Skies

If this were not NaBloPoMo I would not post today. Our day was just too boring. You doubt me? Okay, here it might want to grab a pillow.

We left Jacksonville, FL by 9:00 under cold gray skies. Sometime later in the morning we drove past all the exits for the state capital, Tallahassee...snooze

In between working crossword puzzles with Rich while he persevered westward on I-10 under cold gray skies, I flipped the viewfinder on my camera to take pictures of the girls...yawn

Near Midway, FL we stopped to refuel, gas for the motorhome and lunch for us, under cold gray skies...yippee

Continuing westward under cold gray skies, we saw fields of cotton...zzzzzz

Nearing our destination, we crossed a bridge over this bay from Panama City to Panama City Beach and our RV Park for the next two sleeps...still traveling under cold gray skies...snore

We made dinner at home, ran out to rent a movie, and watched a movie about the rebellion when Mexico shut down the Catholic Church in the early 1900s...interesting, kinda, sorta...but it was a befitting end to this boring day...g'night

Lovin' Life ~~ Even Under Cold Gray Skies

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