Friday, September 17, 2010

Card Groups

Several times in this blog I've mentioned a thing or two about our wonderful neighborhood. In the past we seemed to land in neighborhoods where we were outta step...when I had young kids the neighbors had teens, when we had teens the neighbors had get the drift.

Now we live in an age-qualified community. I love that term, as opposed to age-restricted community, and just saw it for the first time on signage for a new community in either Boise or Eagle, Idaho. We built here twelve years ago and love it because, even though there is quite a range in ages as qualified by years, we are all the same age when viewed from a stage-of-life perspective ~~ empty nesters who share many interests. One of those interests is card games.

Last night we hosted three other couples for single-deck pinochle. Ready to serve after play are these Raspberry Bars and Brownies. Aren't these pumpkin-scarecrows adorable? Wal-Mart. Last Year.

Between us, we belong to four card groups and are charter members of three of the four. I belong to a Hand 'n Foot group with seven other women; Rich belongs to a men's poker group, we are one of twenty couples in a single-deck pinochle club, and there are five other couples in our double pinochle group. Each group is special to me and without them, since we worked until this past April, we would not even know our neighbors. I've always been so grateful to those who started these groups for including us.

With twenty couples and a nine-month playing season in the single-deck group, each couple hosts two or three times a season, which ends in October. Rich and I held the high score for the season a couple of months ago. But, with recent scores like last night's 525 for three eight-hand games, we'll consider ourselves lucky if we're not awarded the goofy hats given to the last place couple each year at the November awards dinner....wish us luck!

Lovin' Life ~~ and Time Spent Sharing Interests

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