Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We're a Stone's Throw Away!

I have enough space left on my mobile broadband, which expires tomorrow, to post one more movie of today's drive through Arizona. This was taken soon after the last one I posted and this is in the same Apache Sitgreaves National Forest. As we drive throughout this magnificent country of ours, I continue to be awestruck by how quicky the terrain can dramatically change! Nature is so very [time to insert your own adjectives again]!

For those who may not have the interest or the patience to watch another movie of Rich and I driving around the country (although for the life of me I can't imagine what you could be doing that would be more important! teehee) here are a few, very few of today's shots.

From the Continental Divide in New Mexico yesterday at an elevation of 7,275 feet, we dropped more than 5,000 feet to arrive here in Apache Junction, AZ although it sure didn't seem like it to Rich as he drove through the Mazatzal Mtns just north of here. Neither of us had ever heard of that range but it is huge! There were 6 or 8 passes of 6% grade up and then 6% grade down but somehow we did end up at a much lower elevation at the end of the day. We drove into Mesa, AZ from the Usery Mountain Park which is where all the fabulous cacti photos were taken.

As we dropped into the land of cacti, I took photos of some favorites and will start with mine, ocotillo...

This next one is Rich's favorite, the jumping (or silver) cholla...
And finally, this is Mom's favorite cactus, the mighty saguaro...

Now, I bid you all a good night! There's nothing more important than a good night's rest for Grandpa and I because tomorrow we get to see the kids!!! And tonight we sleep a mere stone's throw away from them...
Lovin' Life ~~ Anticipating Tomorrow!

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  1. Now these are more like the videos I remember from visits to SO Cali! Bev naration. =) Loved the bug on the widshield comment on the other video too! =)


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