Saturday, September 25, 2010


Driving across Oklahoma on I-44 this morning the interstate was lined with cattle ranches on both sides for as far as you could see. By the by, we just stopped at our second Toll Plaza on I-44 which cost us $9.75 each time...just keep on complaining about those 50 cent tolls all of you in the Chicago suburbs.

Back to cattle ranches...because I am a regular follower of The Pioneer Woman blog I have become quite the expert on Oklahoma cattle ranching. Rich seemed less than dazzled with my many stories though....go figure!

We learned about these white birds while driving through that ranch area on the west side of Florida in May. They are Cattle Egrets and until then we thought that all egrets lived on lakes, ponds, rivers, etc. but here they are on Oklahoma cattle ranches too.

As we approached Tulsa we saw rowing teams in shells crewing on the Arkansas River. By then the terrain had turned into rolling hills covered with trees and other greenery. This came as a surprise to me; for some reason I thought that Oklahoma was mostly prairie grasslands.

And here is Tulsa! We will be stopping soon for lunch and a stretch break somewhere around Oklahoma City.

For those wondering about the girls...they are both sleeping off yesterday's indulgences and haven't shown any signs of problems. Here's Bella and if you could follow the other leash, you would find Dora sleeping under the table.

And this beautiful scene was taken just moments ago so it's like you are riding with us today!

 Lovin' Life ~~ and Ever Changing Scenes

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