Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Perm 'n Burn

Perhaps you can shed some light on what happened here...I can only speculate.

Last Friday I got a perm. With a spiral the rods are placed every which way and it is always a huge number of them which I always think is funny so I took this photo with my phone to send to the grands. This is the hairdresser I always ask for because she wraps a great spiral and I suspect from the reaction at the shop that I am the only customer who requests that type of perm.
I'm pretty pleased with the way my hair turned out. Please enough anyway to take a photo of myself just before going to lunch and shopping (what a fun day!) with my next-door BFF yesterday. It was still wet here and looked even better after it dried.

I had discovered this a couple of days ago and was treating it as a mild burn. She noticed and asked about it too. It obviously follows the line of the cotton because it is also behind my ears and on the back of my neck.

Not knowing much about the chemicals in perms, I'm wondering if the neutralizer never made it under the cotton or if none of the chemicals got rinsed out. Does anyone out there know what would have caused this burn or chemical reaction?
Lovin' Life ~~ But Not The Burn!

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  1. Yikes. And unfortunately Bossy wouldn't know because her hair was born looking as if she touched an electric socket, so no perms here. You can borrow some of Bossy's curls next time. There's more here than anyone knows what to do with. Oy.

    (Yours sure looks cute, though! And if the burn works out okay, perms are usually so simple to manage!)


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