Thursday, September 16, 2010

Golf Course Hazard

Looking across the fairway behind our house moments ago...
...isn't that a magnificent sky?

Dark, brooding, foreboding...

I wonder if the sky and mood were similar on the day this happened...
Yes, while we were RVing throughout the Northwest, a golf ball "kissed" our bedroom window. That was the word used in the e-mail from my next door BFF when she told us. Her husband taped it up to protect the inner pane and the rest of the window from more damage. This is but one of the unlimited blessings of this neighborhood and these particular friends. We probably won't have it replaced until we get back home from the next trip because it is secured so well for now.

It is worth the occasional hazard; this is only the second window we've had broken in twelve summers of golf.

Lovin' Life ~~ and The Blessing of Great Neighbors

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