Saturday, September 11, 2010

Four Very Special Places

Yesterday I made a few collages to send Pauline with some of the photos that I've posted here. Picnik is a really cool online software for photo editing and easy to use for collages.

Here is one that simply has four images, one each of the four states in which we spent a few days. Each of these places is special to me...

The photo with Rich and I was taken at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Most folks who visit there spend their time in Yellowstone, just a few miles north of Grand Teton because of Old Faithful and all the other geothermal activity that one can only see there, which is all amazingly spectacular. For me though, the Tetons are my favorite craggy and rugged and distinct and silent.

The upper right photo was taken at Holland Lake north of Missoula in Montana...our favorite lake, a special place. We stumbled onto this lake quite by accident, looking for a potty stop actually, years ago on our way to Glacier National Park and have frequently remembered it and talked about returning for a stay. Somehow, in that short amount of time we were there, it touched us. This trip we were able to spend several quiet, lovely, restful days there, and it was just as special as we thought it would be.

The lower right photo was taken in Bogus Basin State Park above Boise, Idaho. This was one of several exciting drives on mountain roads. Here's some info from Wikipedia..."Bogus Basin Road twists 16 miles from the Boise city limits to the resort, but only 10 miles as the crow flies. The two-lane road turns 172 times and gains 3400 feet in elevation as the terrain changes from dry sagebrush foothills to snow-laden mountain forest." Although we never tired of seeing them, we have many photos of mountains. I especially loved the golds and greens of the Bogus Basin sagebrush foothills that day so picked this one to represent Idaho.

The lower left photo of Indian Thistle was taken at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. Getting to the Ridge, you drive 17 miles of mountain roads from Port Angeles, Washington while enjoying the varied terrain and breathtaking views. We did see a couple of the blacktail deer that populate the park but I decided to showcase this beautiful thistle as my favorite Washington photo for variety and a spot of bright color in my collage of Four Very Special Places visited as we were Meandering through the Northwest.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Having Time to Select Special Photos

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