Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday Projects ~~ Rich

What a busy day we had yesterday! Here is Rich's project. The next post will show mine.
When we bought the Winnebago it had two, 2006 vintage TVs installed in cabinetry. We had the bedroom TV removed at the dealers because we have never had a TV in our bedroom and can always use the space for something worthwhile. The bigger TV was in a cabinet at the front of the RV, above the center of the windshield. Rich insisted that it be removed because it is a very heavy tube TV. This has been a topic of much debate (On my part. Met with mostly silence. Technically I suppose that's a monologue, not a debate! teehee). We turned a TV on two or three times in over five weeks this last trip for a total of perhaps an I didn't see any reason to replace the old one.

Perhaps you've already figured out which opinion won out?

Here are Rich and Greg carrying the old monster TV to Greg's & Jenny's car.

See...they were thrilled to get that TV for their second bedroom. I'm glad it will be put to use because it is a great TV, just very heavy and not digital.
Rich did a lot of research to find a TV that is close enough in size to be safely installed in the cabinet and was VERY reasonably priced. He will add framing to the cabinet and install custom brackets to install it permanently but when he held it in there, I must admit it's going to look great.

He continues to insist that our grandkids will be thrilled that there's a digital TV. Those sweet darlings are thrilled about everything and would have loved the old one too. There, did I at least get the last mumble, since I definitely did not get the last word on this topic?

Lovin' Life ~~ Even When Overruled!

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  1. There are times that you just have to nod your head and say o.k., whatever. I nod my head a lot at tons of ideas around here too! =)


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