Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Working Guys' Lunch

After talking about it for a year, and never getting around to it when we had the first RV, today Rich picked up the guys from work and they had lunch in the RV. Here he is getting ready to leave this morning. Have I told you lately how happy I am to be married to this man? Oh yeah!

He did almost all the shopping and planning for this lunch. The menu included his famous (with us anyway) Tapenaude Sandwich...

He also assembled a Muffalata Sandwich... 

In addition to the sandwiches, he selected the drinks, chips, cookies and gathered all the plates, cups, flatware, etc etc. My very small contribution was making the Chinese Noodle Salad.

From what I've heard, the five of them had a great time hanging out in the RV, eating, drinking, catching up on whatever it is that guys catch up on, while the movie Napoleon Dynamite played in the background. Is that a great working guys' lunch or what?

Lovin' Life ~~ and MOAO!

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  1. Bet that new TV worked great to show a movie while hanging out with the guys! =)


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