Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday Projects ~~ Mine

Why wasn't I thinking? I take pictures of EVERYTHING except most of my own projects. You saw all the photos of Rich's yesterday project. You're all going to think I'm lazy, lazy, lazy. By the way, don't ask Rich if that's perhaps a true statement...haha

By the time Greg & Jenny got here early yesterday afternoon, I was well into the first of my two sewing projects. Oh yeah, Greg was pretty shocked to see me working at my sewing machine when they walked into the kitchen and quickly told Jenny that this was a very rare scene in our house. Yes, I do own a sewing machine. No, I do not sew. Or very rarely anyway. And I did not take any pictures while the machine was set up or during the process of cutting and sewing the fabrics.

For the first project, I cut out squares of fabric and sewed them together. Here is the nearly finished product. Since they are gifts, you'll just have to guess at what they're going to be and how they'll be used. Don't you just love a good blog mystery?!?

The second project began with bath towels. The driver and passenger seats in the Winnebago are leather so I decided it might be a good idea to protect the headrests with a cover. Cutting two bath towels in half, hemming the cut edges, and seaming the sides made four nifty headrest covers. See?
I can just hear the applause now for my highly creative and oh-so-clever design on these...please...please...enough...thank you.

Lovin' Life ~~ and Busy Days!

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