Friday, September 3, 2010

Flaming Gorge ~ Wildlife

And after this, there may be one more post about Flaming Gorge. The place was beautiful, as was much of what we have seen these past five weeks. So, my fascination with this day must, at least in part, be attributed to the fact that this was the last excursion of this fabulous trip. Also, the day was perfect and we did see some wildlife.

We have learned that chipmunks carry their tail in the air like an antenna;
thirteen striped squirrels do not.

I love these three photos of the doe and her fawn.

Look closely and you will see her fawn to the left, behind the bush.
Here goes the doe, over an embankment, away from us!

Her fawn follows close behind.

Now this is some WILDlife!

Can you see the eagle in this one taken at the Flaming Gorge Dam?
See, it is at the far left. I nearly missed it because shooting birds in flight is not easy.

In this photo, I cropped the shot above so that the eagle is visible.

Now this was exciting! I don't know how, but Rich spotted this antelope high on a hillside while driving those crazy roads. It took me a while to find it with my zoom which made me even more impressed with his ability to see it. I was thrilled to get these two decent photos!

There are thousands of wild horses roaming the land here and we were fortunate to see a small herd from the main park road on our way back out.
We think that this is an eagle...right Amber? This one really startled us though which is why we're not certain. We were driving along when a very large, black bird, almost on the road to our right, flew right in front of our car. It appeared to be about the size of a wild turkey but we are wondering if they puff up before flight when startled? I got these two shots, the third is a cropped version of the second, and then we waited a short distance down the road hoping that it would return to finish whatever it was so focused on by the road. Unfortunately, it slowly drifted away in flight as we watched.

 A pretty successful wildlife watching day after so many disappointing ones throughout our trip.

Lovin' Life ~~ and WILDlife!

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