Monday, September 6, 2010

A Post Script to Our Trip

This copy of an original acrylic by Boots Reynolds appeared on a Leanin' Tree greeting card and I couldn't resist sharing it with y'all. This could be Rich and me...both wearing shorts, his ball cap and long sleeved denim shirt, him listening to my loud opinion, our two pups sitting up front whenever we park, a "conversation" about my map reading skills, and sadly...similar comparative body shapes. Since we were Meandering westward this trip and since we traded to a Class A RV in Spokane, even the scenery and RV fit.
"She Tells You What To Do And You Tell Her Where To Go"
Original art by Boots Reynolds ©2000

Instead of hair curlers though, I'm much more likely to be seen with my head in the clouds...metaphorically and literally...and always a camera in hand.

Rich has not seen this photo of me yet and I'm willing to bet a nickel that, out of the 4,980 photos taken this trip, this one may become his favorite...haha! By the by...we drove about 4,600 miles in our RVs plus all the miles in addition to that while sightseeing in the Saturn.

Happily, the truth is that we have a great time together, agree on where to go and what to do, and share lots of laughs...even being together 24/7 now that we are retired...lucky us!!!

Lovin' Life ~~ and MOAO!

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  1. Nice cartoon picture Grandma!!!!!!!



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