Sunday, September 5, 2010

What About Illinois? What About Home?

You ask. Were there not scenes worth shooting on our brief drive home yesterday morning? Of course. Meandering close to home can be just as rewarding, although perhaps not as obviously so simply due to familiarity.

Here's what we saw as we drew close to home...

Entering Illinois over the Mississippi River

The river of my maternal grandparents...the river of endlessly happy childhood memories...the memories of family and the cabin and boating on the river and the little church beside the creek. These are among the best times of my childhood.

An American flag...flying high and unfurled in the wind. I suspect that means "home" to all of us.

Abundant fertile land...providing sustenance for all through agriculture.

Quiet country roads that satisfy the need to explore and fortify our souls.

Commercial enterprise, which provides our daily needs.

Our neighborhood, where we are happily anchored and our friends await.

And our family. You may recall that family members sent us off on this adventure from Carlinville and family members greeted us at home on our return.

Rich and I acknowledge daily how fortunate we are to be living this life and sharing it with family and friends. Thanks to all who have followed us on this adventure.

Lovin' Life ~~ Cherishing Our Many Gifts


  1. And what adventure it was for all of us!
    I'm so happy you had such a great trip but even happier that you are now safely home.

  2. Welcome back home! No matter how much I enjoy my travels, being safe at home is a great feeling, too!


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