Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Help Wanted!

We apparently need a scheduling secretary. Soon after we got home from this last trip, I scheduled some appointments including the girls' groomer, before we leave again. They were looking a bit shaggy, as you can see below. A few days ago I realized that the timing was going to be kinda tight this morning because the groomer doesn't open until 9:00 a.m. and Rich and I both had 9:30 dentist appointments. Our dentist is at least twenty minutes from the groomer but both in the same direction so I ended up silently congratulating myself on working out such an efficient schedule.

Until...Rich came back to the van after following LeeAnn into her shop when she opened for the day and told me that we were a week early for the girls' appointment. She agreed to take them saying that she already had a full schedule, probably wouldn't finish with them until 6:30, but leave them anyway. Oh my...it was too hot to take them and leave them in the van at the dentist's so he had accepted her offer with relief and left them to be groomed. We did go straight back after our dentist appointments and I apologized to her, offering to take the girls' back home with me, but she assured me that everything was okay.

When I worked, Rich took care of scheduling all these appointments without any problems...perhaps we already have a scheduling secretary...but it's surely not incompetent me!

Lovin' Life ~~ Not the Schedule

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