Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flaming Gorge

On Tuesday, "we" drove more than 60 miles on winding, hilly, unpaved dirt and gravel roads through the Flaming Gorge between Rock Springs, WY and Dutch Johns, UT. The Green River runs through the Flaming Gorge Reservoir eventually joining the Colorado River and is part of the Colorado River Reclamation Project which supplies water to several states including Arizona and California. Here are some shots of the Reservoir.

If you are interested, the following is a 2 min., 24 sec. video that is a 360 degree panorama filmed at the same spot where the photos above were shot.

This video was taken with my trusty G9; uploaded to my computer with a Targus USB card reader; uploaded to YouTube via Verizon mobile broadband, which took over an hour while we are driving along I-80 in Wyoming and Nebraska this morning; then embedded into this blog posting which is also connected to the Internet via mobile broadband...yikes!

Meanwhile, Rich drives on...
Lovin' Life ~~ and Technology and MOAO!

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  1. in the video you can see one of the dogs in the back behind riches head but not the other girl talk to you all later.



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