Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three States ~ Endlessly Intriguing

On Monday we drove...and drove...and drove some more...475 miles worth because if we don't just buckle down and do some driving, we'll never get home! Saturday night I woke up sneezing in the middle of the night and felt close to rotten all day Sunday while we immersed ourselves in the beauty of Hells Canyon. Since we were just going to drive all the rest of Idaho, a corner of Utah, and into Wyoming on Monday, I knew I could get some sleep...haha

Driving through most of the Northwest, you are treated to one amazing scene after the other. Sometimes the terrain will change dramatically in just a couple of is such an amazing land. I ended up taking about 260 photos that day. Today though I'm going to break it up with a few examples of the many, many other interesting sights along the way.

Let's start in Idaho with scenery and agriculture...

Mesas, Buttes, Plateaus...
I don't know the difference
The always fabulous Snake River

A feedlot right on the interstate.

And my favorite of this group...can you find the white butt of the antelope in this photo? It is already cropped pretty deeply but there is an antelope at about the me!

It was lightly raining as we entered Utah and when we stopped for gas (you are welcome to contribute to a gas fund anytime...just kidding...for now anyway!) there was a hail storm.

Yes, that's trash at the edge of the parking lot;
there are pig people wherever you go.

This is a favorite of mine...a brilliant white light illuminating this small farm on an overcast day.

The colors and shapes of the land and sky as we approached Tremonton, Utah

A fresh dusting of snow high on the Wasatch Range above Tremonton.
Triple trailers are only allowed on I-80 through Ohio and Indiana, and select Western states so you won't see this on most highways. 

A far northeastern portion of the Great Salt Lake 

A water tower that caught my eye for its unique shape and color. 
What can I say...I loved the colors and shapes on this silo and barn too. 
A double railroad tunnel through the mountain.

Of course no drive through Utah would be complete without photos of red rocks in various formations.


Can you understand why I keep exhausting my supply of superlative adjectives to describe what we have seen and experienced? It's all so indescribably beautiful and fascinating and mesmerizing.

And then we crossed into Wyoming again, from the west this time...remembering our time in Cheyenne at the eastern edge a few weeks ago. We only went as far as Rock Springs but saw all this varied terrain in that relatively short distance. As evening fell, a golden glow was cast over the earth. 


The shadow is that of our RV; it's hard to believe, but this scene was even more breathtaking in person.

Lovin' Life ~~ And All We've Seen

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  1. I hope you start feeling better soon because no trip is fun when you feel like you are getting sick. The pictures are wonderful that you showed us from on the road talk to you later.
    Love you,


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