Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Busy Day!

Saturday was game day for both about the same time! Rich and Shelby took Dylan to the ice rink for his hockey game; the camera and I took Jackson to his football game. What that means is, there are only photos of Jackson's game this week. We had talked about switching but it was over 100° again so we decided that leaving Jackson's game for even a minute just wasn't a good idea. Dylan's team lost 3 to 1 but he played for most of the game and was really happy about that.

One of the moms with Jackson's team was kind enough to loan me a chair and ask me to sit with them...and they had a couple of those shade canopies so it wasn't as bad for me as it could have been because I was not prepared to sit out in the sun for three hours. They were fun to talk with too so I was doubly lucky!

Jackson was team captain and played both defense and offense during the game. He is a spunky guy and a good player, even though he is the smallest on his team. Here is a series of photos when he was on offense and carried the ball.

Setting up for the play; Jackson is the player to the far left in this photo...

Here's the hand off to Jackson...
 Ouch...he's being tackled...

You may have to enlarge this one to see the tiny bit of red that is Jackson...

                                                                                           He's still got the ball...
Adjusting his glasses as he comes off the field...

Jackson's team won 42 to 0. This was their first win and it was a big one!

Shelby is so patient and sweet about all this so I promised her that we would swim when we got home. By the time I started some laundry, skimmed the pool, and we got changed, Jackson suggested that I should look outside and wait because a dust storm was coming...was it ever! It started as strong wind pulling up dust that darkened the sky, blowing so much stuff into my clean pool...grrr But then Rich checked out the front and saw lightning, heard thunder. It's hard to tell but this is just dust in the air on a sunny day and this is not the result of a shaky hand, the trees were being whipped around by the wind. These two were taken in their back yard.

And these two were taken out front. The first looking to my left and the second looking to my right. That mountain in the distance on the second one is usually clearly visible.

When Rich came back with dinner, he said that, after the dust, it stormed and rained so hard he had to stop for a bit...we didn't hear anything in this house though so didn't even know it had stormed. I guess you know that Shelby and I did not swim today. We did all get packed though! Rich will bring the RV over in the morning, we'll all load our stuff, and off we go on our next adventure!

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  1. well it sounds like purchasing another camera should be in your plans now. after all we all missed out on dylans hockey game.



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