Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Mother Road ~~ As We Have Traveled It

The final installment, completing our Wednesday OKC sightseeing trifecta...Route 66 Park near Lake Overholser.
There is a plaza at this park with a miniature Mother Road depicting prominent towns along Historic Route 66. Oklahoma has more miles of Rte 66 than any other state and claims that the road is also in better shape there than any other state.

Since we have driven alongside much of Rte 66 on this trip and stayed in several of the towns displayed here, we really enjoyed seeing this display.

Here we go...from downtown Chicago (I LOVE the black granite columns used to represent Chicago!) to the pier in Santa Monica, California.

An RV Park near this Missouri town is our home tonight...

A view of Rte 66 from Oklahoma City to Chicago...

Amarillo...wouldn't you love to see another photo of Cadillac Ranch? teehee

At Flagstaff, AZ we switched roads to head south into Phoenix which was our destination this trip. The Mother Road, however, goes on to the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica, CA.

Now isn't this just the coolest thing we've seen since our visit to Mudd Island in Memphis to walk along the scale model of the Mississippi River?

Today was simply a driving day as we traveled back through the rest of Oklahoma and into Missouri which has given me this day to get caught up on all I wanted to share with you. Tomorrow evening we will arrive at the W&M Campground where we'll be back home with family.

Lovin' Life ~~ and the Surprises that Await in Every Town

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  1. OK... My list is getting longer and longer now! I still have to get to Mud Island let alone all these other stops!!!!! =)

    This looks like a really cool park. So much to see and do in our awesome country. One day...


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