Monday, October 18, 2010

A Visit With Friends

I'm going to attempt one more quick post tonight because Friday was another at-home day until evening. I did laundry and started organizing to move back into the RV. Have I mentioned that we parked it catty-corner from their house on a short block with no driveways, only side yards along it? Luckily, we did not received any notations from the HOA to move it...hurray! Rich did some stuff with the RV to get it road ready.

Happily, their friend Jen and her kids came over to see Rich and I in the afternoon. Her and Dave's kids Josh, Jordan, and Dustin are the ages of our grands and they all became quick friends when they met at Jackson's and Josh's kindergarten class. We've seen them on many occasions when we're there and always enjoy our time with them so it was great seeing her and the kids again. Her oldest (and the tallest of all the kids) is actually a few weeks younger than Jackson...yikes!

Of course the girls were thrilled to have even more kids to play with! Our grands have been trying to train them to use the doggie door in the family room, without success unless treats, placement of front paws, and gentle shoves on the rear are involved...what a hoot! The training continued to show their friends...

This is Jen with her Jordan and Dustin. She's going to hate this photo. But, Jen, it's better than the one other one I took so please forgive me.

As you can clearly see in the photos above, the girls are right in the middle of everything! Even though we adults all wondered how it would go, the girls assimilated happily, quickly, and beautifully into the daily chaos and noise that a household with three active children embodies. There were no problems and if they needed a break, they just went into our room on their own (that is actually Dylan's room...again, thanks Dylan for letting us crash there!) They would have been happy to stay there with the kids and the kids would have been happy to have them.

That evening, Shawn took Jackson to football walk-through which is a much more relaxed and shorter practice. Rich took Dylan to hockey practice and Sandee met them there after work. That left Shelby and I at home which meant Dominoes!

And can that girl play Dominoes! She beat me both games we played and they were long games because we were playing with a double fifteen set. Trying to salvage some pride, I slyly suggested that we should play a third game for the tie breaker. She quickly informed me that "I beat YOU both games!" I can't pull the wool over their eyes on anything anymore...where did our little ones go???? They were so easily deceived...haha
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