Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Darlin'

Rich has been up since O-Dark-Hundred to take the Saturn to the dealer for an analysis of the problem we had with it Friday evening. They're finding nothing so we'll continue to intermittently experience the thrill of transmission problems...severe transmission problems that miraculously disappear after the car sits for a while and leave no trace of the problem when the car is analyzed by dealership computers...yikes!

So, on this beautiful Monday morning, while he is taking care of car business and Sandee and Shawn are at work, the kids and I have been playing with the girls outside. Here is a short movie of the girls' antics...

Lovin' Life ~~ and the Joy of Kids & Pets!

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  1. Tell Rich I said "Happy Birthday"! I was going to call, but I'm sure you guys are busy celebrating and having loads of fun. Have a great birthday, Rich!!!!!


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