Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home ~ An Exciting Day!

With a long final day's drive ahead of us, Rich & I got ready, he unhooked, and we were on the road pretty early Friday morning. Early enough that this is the sight that greeted us as we crested the hill out of our RV Park...ultralights flying over Monument Valley...lovely...peaceful...

Shortly after turning onto the highway, we crossed into Arizona for the last leg of our journey. Much of the Monument Valley is in Arizona; then, as the terrain changes, each unique view is as mesmerizing as the one before.

We stopped for breakfast a couple of hours into our drive. The kids LOVED that morning...we did not convert their beds back into the couch and dining booth so they got to ride all morning on their beds, in their PJs. That meant eating breakfast at the kitchen counter...and not getting dressed until our lunch's all good fun!

Continuing through Arizona, here are a couple more examples of the ever-changing scenery.

By the time we neared Flagstaff, we had a clear view of the snow on Humphrey's Peak which is the highest point in Arizona and was therefore prominently visible on Dylan's map project that he turned in the last day of school before break. This too was the first snow of the year; there wasn't any when we drove past it at the beginning of this trip...way cool!
The kids were so excited to see their mom and dad; an added bonus was the Bama goodies that their folks brought them from the game last weekend. They all went to a surprise birthday party with food and swimming at some friends' house; Rich and I unpacked the RV and started laundry. After such a big day, the boys fell asleep on the couch and look who got up there to snuggle with Dylan. With nothing planned until mid-afternoon Saturday, Sandee and I got to stay up late talking...a rare gift!

Lovin' Life ~~ and Spending Time With Sandee & Shawn Too! 

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  1. well if rich unhooked before you started your drive do you have to go back and get the saturn???????

    the scenery has once again been fabulous and the pictures great.


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