Saturday, October 2, 2010

Half Day of School ~ PLUS!

Sandee & Shawn left EARLY Thursday morning for Alabama to see Saturday's Alabama/Florida game with their friends. That meant Grandpa & I get to have the grands all to ourselves for about nine days since we'll be on the road in the RV when they get back Sunday. Since we can't park the RV on their street, the girls and I are staying at the house and Rich is sleeping in the RV at the Park to make sure it's secure.

There is a big park next to the kids' school and it's all within walking I took this as I walked them to school Thursday.

There was only a half day of school again Thursday so we were waiting at the park when they got out. Shelby had a Camping Day in her class and Dylan is helping with her sleeping bag since she couldn't get it back into the bag...aaawwww  I will ask you think they're that happy to see Grandpa and I or are they just that excited because we brought the girls to the park to meet them?
The kids would love to take the girls for a walk so we thought some fenced-in-backyard leash training might clearly illustrate why that will probably never happen...
With the afternoon off, we had time to swim in the new pool!
That evening Rich took Jackson to football practice....yikes!...more than two hours of hard practice. Grandpa was hugely impressed. While they were gone, Dylan finished his salt dough map project for school...
Shelby spent much of the evening building with Legos and creating some art projects. My favorite was this pretty pink heart. When I uploaded the photos, I had to smile because she is holding the heart in front of the word Alabama making this oh-so appropriate for this weekend!
Shelby  Alabama
Lovin' Life ~~ and Every Minute With The Grands!

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