Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today's Games ~~ The Main Event!

Saturday morning was perfect for sleeping in and relaxing after the busyness of the past week for all of us. Rich ran some errands and worked on Shawn's computer. Sandee & Shawn shopped at Costco to fill the pantry after their move to this house...I love this house by the seems perfect for them. The kids and the girls played games in the yard.

The boys participated in a football toss across the pool  ...

Which created the necessary position of ball retriever, expertly filled by their sister...

The girls were contenders for the championship in the Wheaten World Wrestling match. In the last photo, it appears that Bella believes herself to be the winner!

And this afternoon we attended the Main Event...Dylan's hockey game! Dylan's stick has an orange blade. None of the teams in this league have their official jerseys yet but luckily his team mom found matching jersey's for all their players. He plays right wing and even though they lost 4 to 3 it was a fast, fun game to watch.

I was even lucky enough to get these photos of their proud parents after the game. They are so active in the kids' lives and have always made it a priority to see that the kids participate in a variety of activities.

Lovin' Life ~~ and Watching the Kids' Games!

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  1. WOW! Such busy days... Guess this is a preview to what could be in store for us a couple of years down the road! Glad to see that you all are getting a little down time too. =)


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