Friday, October 15, 2010

A Great Fall Festival

Schnepf Farm is a working farm not far from here that has several festivals each year. I suspect that their October Pumpkin & Chilli Party is about the biggest of those. Yesterday, Thursday, we spent several hours there with the kids and still did not get to do everything. It was windy, dusty, and near 100° so it was quite a testament to our love of being with our grands that we were able to, not just endure, but have lot of fun with them there.

Here's a sampling of the many things there are to do at Schnepf Farm.

After checking out the pumpkins, we went on a hay ride through the orchard and fields to the 10 acre corn maze. At those temps though, we all agreed that we were not interested in an hour of wandering through a maze of corn so we stayed on the wagon for the return.

The kids played miniature golf for the first time! We played one round with them; they enjoyed it so much that they played the nine holes again.

There was some lovely landscaping...not a lot, but some.

There's a small, old-fashioned merry-go-round...

This maze was much more our speed...the kids had fun running around through it several times.

I am relieved to even be able to show you this next photo. At the petting zoo, the kids saw a burro, sheep, hog, horse, donkey, cow, ducks, and a pen full of pygmy goats that kids went inside to pet. While in there, Dylan and Shelby got penned in a corner by three pygmy bucks. I was watching so got them to just slowly sidle along the fence until they were clear of the goats. It was a bit scary for them and here they are, grateful to have escaped with their lives!

These four passenger pedal carts were a big hit! And the trail that they drove on through the forest was very cool!
There were single person pedal cars too that Dylan drove a couple of times and really loved!

Shelby's favorite fun ride was the Bumble Bee!

And here they are going coming out at the bottom of this long tube slide. They ran back up the hill to slide down again several!

Our last ride of the day was the train that runs around the park. We were surprised to see that there were several things we just didn't have time (or the Grandma/Grandpa energy) to do. Sandee was getting off early and Jackson needed to get ready for football practice.

The boys went on ahead to the car with Grandpa while Shelby got this adorable pumpkin painted on her cheek.
Lovin' Life ~~ and Fall Festivals!

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