Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grandpa's Birthday Kazoo Concert!

After a delicious dinner at his favorite restaurant here, Casa Blanca, Grandpa was treated to this rendition of "Happy Birthday" before enjoying apple pie and opening cards & gifts...

Note: I uploaded this to YouTube after all the festivities last night but couldn't post because YouTube was in read-only mode and now it is sprawled all across the blog...grrr
Lovin' Life ~~ Celebrating B-Days With Family


  1. What a fun birthday party!! I wonder where the kazoo idea came from.
    Best part is, the music doesn't stop.

  2. Happy birthday to rich and i loved the idea about the music from sandy shawn and jackson dyllon and shelby love
    Greg, jenny Kelly, & sergeo

  3. That was awesome! Happy birthday Rich! Love D,G & K

  4. You should take that show on the road.


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