Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Usery Mountain Park ~~ More Cacti

Yesterday, Tuesday, Rich, the kids, and I drove up into the mountains east of Phoenix to Usery Mountain Park. We had come in this way when we arrived and it was such a roller coaster of a drive that Rich couldn't possibly enjoy the scenery so we returned in the car.

Shall I say it? Sure. This was not the kids favorite way to spend a day. Scenery is not their thing...can you imagine? Eleven, nine, and seven year olds who would rather do something else...anything else...than ride for a few hours in the backseat of a car to look at cacti? Especially when an outing just to see cacti has become a running joke between the kids and us as a result of an outing a couple of years ago...we tease about this constantly.

Still, here are a few examples of the scenery...

And yes, I know this is a family blog but I couldn't resist including this next one. Like other photos I've taken while Meandering, this was purely unintentional and made me laugh out loud when I saw it after uploading the day's shots. Let's call this one...A Saguaro With Attitude!

The day was not a total loss for the grands though. We played at a playground in the park; enjoyed the view and a great lunch at Saguaro Lake; and ended our excursion with some shopping at Wal-Mart.

And then there are these...I love these shots of the kids! Can you imagine what I could post if I wasn't too lazy and inept to edit these on PhotoShop!

It goes without saying...which never stops me from saying...that I had another fabulous day with these beautiful grandchildren of ours, with total disregard for their boredom...teehee

Lovin' Life ~~ With Bottomless Gratitude for These Days!

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