Monday, October 18, 2010

Jackson's Football Practice on Thursday

Well here I am...the last few days with the kids were a whirlwind of activity with LOTS of snuggle time and simply hangin' out as the clock ticked away the final hours of our time together. We left their house yesterday, Sunday, morning and drove to Holbrook, AZ. Tonight, Monday, we are in Tucumcari (I love the sound of that name!), New Mexico.

So let's go back a few days...after that long fun-filled day at the pumpkin farm on Thursday, Jackson had football practice. His coaches are serious about practices and they last nearly 2 1/2 hours. Unfortunately, that evening his coaches took the team to the far side of the field so I only got photos when they came in for drink breaks or when my zoom could capture him. He LOVES football, as his dad does. He is definitely the smallest guy on his team but no one has more heart or interest in the game.

There he is near the middle with his knee up high during their drills...

Stopping by for a quick drink of water; the temps had reached 100 that afternoon.

Jackson's easy to pick out standing in the middle of this lineup.

Coming off the field again for another drink break. The temps are quickly dropping though by now.

Is he answering a question or giving pointers to the coach? What is your guess?

They divided into teams for the last half of practice and Jackson is on the green team.

Do you see him in this skirmish? What? You don't? Hunh. Did I mention how far away the team was throughout their practice? This is the best shot I got of any of the action...grrr

Oh well, it's just great to be a part of their daily lives for a while.

Lovin' Life ~~ Even When Foiled by Coaches' Practice Decisions

Note: It has taken me a couple of hours to upload these few photos so I certainly won't get caught up tonight on everything from the past few days.

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