Thursday, October 21, 2010

OKC Museum of Art

The second stop on our OKC sightseeing Wednesday was the Museum of Art. Driving around looking for a post office the night before, we noticed a tower of Chihuly glass (55 feet tall!!!) in the atrium lobby of this museum. When Rich was looking at the list of things to do in OKC the next morning, he read that they have the largest permanent Chihuly collection of any museum in the country.

We would not miss any opportunity to view a collection of his glass and take photos for our grands. Jackson, Dylan, and Shelby still reminisce often, sharing their critique of his art and of walking through endless cacti gardens, about the day that we took them to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. The topic is a source of endless amusement.

Here is the atrium piece...

And several of our favorite pieces in the museum collection...

                                                                    A favorite of mine...

Oh look, kids! We also saw colorful bowls, the orange Tiger Lilies, and boats filled with glass balls and tendrils similar to those displayed throughout the Desert Botanical Garden when we were there...don't you just love it???? chuckle...chuckle

But the most amazing piece of all was the Chihuly Waterford Crystal Chandelier, one of only two in the world that he had made in 1996 by glassblowers and etchers at the Waterford Crystal factory in Ireland.

Of course we toured other galleries in the museum while we were there. The kids will also get a kick out of this. Do you think Grandpa was hollering at other patrons to "get over here and buy some flowers?" For those who are wondering, he and Shelby have worked the flower shop or cart at several children's museums, to our great amusement.

It's a great little art museum and we would encourage you to take a couple of hours to stroll through its galleries the next time you're Meandering through Oklahoma City.

Lovin' Life ~~ and Art Glass

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