Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two Days ~ Just Driving

Returning home by the same route we drove out, there is little to share about scenery along the way. Monday and Tuesday we rode in silence most of the time. The one bright spot was a call from the kids who, with two days left before going back to school, were also feeling a bit lost without us and the girls.

Apparently antelope herds are moving down for the winter. Driving along I-40 through New Mexico we saw several small herds (in two of the photos below), often grazing alongside cattle and again enjoyed the colorful terrain as we passed.

We spent Monday night in Tucumcari (remember...I love the sound of that name?) and then drove slightly past Oklahoma City to a KOA in Choctaw, OK where we stayed until this morning.

There was even less to see on Tuesday's drive through the Texas Panhandle so here is Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo...for the third time, right?
The girls have simply been morose. Bella would not even come out from under the table when called one evening and at one point Dora stood staring at me lightly moaning. They have really missed all the attention and activity at the Crane home and the kids really miss them...aaaaawww.

After we got into Oklahoma we saw this wonderful yellow bridge on Historic Rte 66 that parallels I-40, lots of pretty views of their red dirt, and lovely cotton fields loaded with brilliant tufts of white.

Oklahoma City though was a different story. We took a day to sightsee and I may have to break that experience into three separate posts! Who knew?

Lovin' Life ~~ Movin' On

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