Thursday, October 21, 2010

Leaving ~~ Already!?!

No matter how much time we get to spend with the kids, it seems to pass so very quickly and the leaving is so difficult. We are snugglers...we have always been on the day we leave there is much of that to hold in our memories until next time. Oh how I love these kids.

This time the girls got into the act too; here Shelby and Dora are sharing last minute nuzzles.

That first step is a high one but with a big boost from their dad each of the kids checked out the roof of the RV before we left.

Rich and I gathered all our stuff and went to the RV to put everything away; they all joined us so we didn't miss any of the precious time left to be together. What's that? You're asking who is doing the actual putting away while I take pictures? Are you new here?

And when it was time to go, the kids crossed the street toward their house together...

After we got rolling, Rich drove around the block for one final wave. Dylan ran out to give us a "check" he had written for $500 to get us to stay.

Leaving these five beautiful ones is so hard but made bearable with the knowledge that the missing them is so deeply rooted in love.

We drove to Holbrook, AZ that day, spending the night in perhaps the best KOA of all. We wished we had stayed there instead of the other RV Park when the kids were with us. They even have an outdoor cafe where we had a delicious dinner and visited with other travelers.

Lovin' Life ~~ and Missing Them

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