Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Most Beautiful Fall Day

Wednesday was all about Grandma & Grandpa but the grands seemed to enjoy the day too. We drove through the San Juan Mountains to Telluride, CO. All who know us well, know that Colorado is our favorite state...which is perhaps the most lame understatement I've ever written. We had never explored this corner of Colorado and so, even though Rich has a drippy, irritating cold, he insisted that we continue our plan and visit Telluride today. This was the most awesomely breathtakingly heartbreakingly beautiful drive of my life.

Because I have no words to describe this, I'll let a few of the 400 photos taken yesterday tell the story...

For those who are still traveling with the time we approached Telluride I was so overcome by all the beauty and the gift of sharing this wondrous day with our grands, who were giggling and talking and taking in the scenery with us, that I was actually in tears.

After driving through town, admiring the lovely and colorful array of Victorian homes, oohing & aahing over Bridal Veil Falls at the end of the box canyon where Telluride lies, and begging to mine for the gold that the grands just knew was there for the picking we had lunch at a true Italian restaurant. The kids were great sports as usual even though the food was not to their taste.

Such good sports were they that we even let them "run a tab"...
tee hee

Naturally I have photos of the shops, the mine, the falls, the houses, the gondola, the ski runs, etc. in Telluride but it was the indescribable beauty of the day that I most wanted you to see. You should know though that Rich and I both agree that we now have a new favorite town in the Rockies and hope to return someday for a stay.

The day had been overcast with some light rain on the drive up but the sun came out for a while after lunch as we drove back down to Cortez. I have learned that taking photos while driving means that the sun can be more of a curse than a blessing because of the reflections that appear distinctly in the glass of the windows. Usually I am grateful for some cloud cover.

I hope you have enjoyed this sample of Colorado fall scenery. The beauty of these scenes is in no way to be attributed to me, this is nature at its finest. Other than some rotating and cropping (shooting from a car remember) there is no other editing on these. After sifting through hundreds of photos, there is no time for serious editing...and how would one improve on nature in this case?

Speaking of the impossibility of improving on nature...just look at these beauties! What great, fun, loving, and very tolerant kids!

Lovin' Life ~~ and Rekindling My Colorado Love Affair


  1. Wow! What a perfect time of year to explore this area! We have such an awesome country, so many neat little nooks and crannies to be found. Thanks for keeping us all exposed and enlightened to traveling off the beaten paths.

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  3. Awe..... I have been showing your blog to the boys this morning. Riley is home from school, so it was a good chance to show them all the pics of what you guys and the kids have been up to on your trip out there. =)
    They all liked the last pic in this post. Riley and Braden said "I wish we could see those guys again." Tanner waved at the picture. =)
    Thank you for the visits that you guys have allowed us to have with the kids. I love that my guys think so much of their cousins even though they are sooo far away.


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