Friday, October 15, 2010

Ordinary Day ~~ No Such Thing!

This morning I sorted through yesterday's many photos (it was a fun-filled day) readying them for posting when I discovered that I had not posted anything about Wednesday. It escaped me because, until I looked back at the photos, I would have told you that we didn't do much that day, just an ordinary day...huh.

We went to the mall where we checked out puppies, including this adorable Havanese...

Made the requisite stop at the Apple store, the appeal of which fascinates me from a marketing psychology standpoint...every kid walking past there, while I sat right outside, begged his or her parent to go inside...and yet, there's nothing there to just "buy." Here are our boys totally focused on demo I-stuff.

While Shelby delighted in the open spaces...

The kids make friends wherever they go, even with this scary dude at Lowe's...

While her brothers played a video football game and other boy stuff after we got home, Shelby put out Halloween decorations and baked cookies...yummmm

Grandpa had gone out for a while saying that he was working on a surprise for Shelby. The boys had new Alabama football switch plates so we had shopped for something cute for her room, to no avail. Here is Grandpa showing it to her.
She watched every move as Grandpa wired the new switch and installed the plate...

He had gone to Hobby Lobby and custom designed this with his nickname for her...Miz Bee. She loves it!

But we're not done, there was much more excitement in store for all of us...especially Dylan. He had been saving to buy a hamster and his folks decided that this was the day he could finally get one. It is a Winter White and Dylan has named him Lightning. They came home with boxes of food, treats, a habitat, an igloo, an exercise ball, and Lightning himself. Grandpa helped assemble the habitat and we all enjoyed watching Lightning try out the ball. Of course the girls were sequestered in our room while Lightning got settled in. Here are a few photos of the big event...the kids decided that we are now great-grandparents but we have resisted that title...haha

Can you see Lightning? He's all settled in his new home and exploring the igloo where he seems to spend most of his least when we're watching and hoping for some hamster action.

Need I say? We have one happy boy, exclaiming how great it is to be "the first in our family to have a pet!"

Lovin' Life ~~ and Being Here for Such Exciting Times!

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