Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Game Day ~~ Dominoes, Football, & Hockey

In the morning on Saturday the 16th (I have got to get caught up!), before we all left for the boys football and hockey games, Jackson and Shelby taught their dad to play Dominoes. Shelby and Grandpa had taught their mom the night before. We play dominoes fairly often so the kids have learned from us.

The Saturday before, which was the 9th, Jackson's football game was canceled and this past Saturday his game was away, in a town more than an hour north. That meant we had to split up. Sandee & Shawn took Jackson to his game; I have no photos of that. Rich, Shelby, & I took Dylan to his game; I have photos and video of that.

If you have 2 1/2 minutes to watch the movie below you will be treated to a lively segment of Dylan's hockey game. Dylan's position for his team, the Lightning (also the name he chose for his hamster) is right wing. The Thrashers beat them 4 to 1 but Dylan scored that one goal for the Lightning. He is wearing jersey number 4 and Grandpa wrapped the blade on his stick in red and black tape. You know the drill by now; click on the arrow in the center of the box below to see the video.

No, there are no photos or video of Dylan making the goal. It rarely fails that if there is an awesome play, like when Jackson ran the ball the second time at the football game I attended, I will be watching instead of shooting. Here is a photo though of Dylan with his stick raised in celebration after making the goal, which I'm told is the protocol when one makes a goal in hockey...I'm learning.

Lovin' Life ~~ and These Great Moments

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  1. The boys loved watching the video of Dylan playing hockey!


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