Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All This (and much more) Before Lunch!

This is only our third day in the West and we are already on sensory overload. How I love this part of our no-words-to-describe-because-it's-so-beautiful country.

We began our day on I-25 out of Cheyenne and saw this...

and then we saw this...

and then this...oh my word!

But then what should appear but a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train traveling alongside the North Platte River!

Yes, you read that right. We meandered alongside the South Platte River in Nebraska and today's meandering found us alongside the North Platte River.

And does this girl know how to meander!!! Isn't this a beautiful river?

We also enjoyed great sights like this very old stone house...

And the harvesting of a golden field of wheat...

And this cute Post Office, in an apparently abandoned little town. We parked along the highway here for lunch and never saw another soul.

Yes, I'm closing this post at lunch. When I get around to posting about this afternoon and evening, you'll be amazed at all we saw...thus the sensory overload comment. Meanwhile, here are my traveling companions. This is a view of them reflected in the mirror on the back side of my sun visor as we roll down the highway.

Lovin' Life!

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