Monday, August 2, 2010

Meandering along the Platte River in Nebraska

Here was the sunset at the Nebraska WalMart where we parked last night.
Today "we" drove nearly 500 miles and are in Wyoming tonight. Until you get pretty far west, Nebraska looks much like the rest of the Midwest...corn and soybeans...then more corn and soybeans.

Occasionally though we would see the Platte River as the I-80 and we "meandered" alongside this meandering, changing river.

As we passed several Rest Areas, I noticed a scattering of mini pavilions throughout the grounds at each of them. When we finally stopped to walk the girls, we discovered that they are individual little picnic pavilions furnished with a table and benches...cute, and perhaps practical as a wind break? I wonder...

This amazing sculpture, Nebraskan Gateway, was at that Rest Area and is one of twelve commissioned as part of Nebraska's celebration of the nation's bicentennial.
Even from my perch in the RV, there is so much to see and enjoy and share with y'all. Now that I can blog while "we" drive, I may post several times a lucky readers you...haha!

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  1. You're moving right along. Looks like the weather is good too!!
    Have a safe one.


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