Thursday, August 5, 2010

Scenery & Scenes

This morning we broke camp early and drove at daybreak to avoid traffic in the canyon road construction zone. Lots of people still go to work everyday it seems; Rich and I chuckle every time we have that thought, even though we have now been retired for three whole months. Here are photos of Wind River Canyon, Boysen Reservoir Dam, and Boysen Reservoir in the early morning sun. Traffic was light so it didn't take as long this morning to drive the ten mile canyon as it did yesterday afternoon.

I have a great movie of the BNSF train that came through the tunnel across the river and above where I was standing when I took this photo. It is a very large file though so it failed to upload both times I tried it today.

Boysen Reservoir Dam

Boysen Reservoir

This next series of photos are unrelated scenes that I picked out of the two hundred photos I took today. That sounds like a huge number, but keep in mind that I'm shooting from a moving RV so there are lots of bad shots, especially since Rich does not even attempt to slow down to enable me to capture once-in-a-lifetime shots.

As I miss great shots of deer and antelope while we thunder on down the highway, MOAO will say, "Ducks don't wait." It seems he picked up that pithy little saying during his hunting days and has become quite fond of it this week! In our case though I suppose it should be adapted to, "RV driver don't wait." I'm most disappointed to have missed a shot today of a bright, shiny, yellow Volkswagen bug with a tree growing straight up out of the middle of it...definitely a once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Back to these next six photos. Wouldn't it be fun, neat, cool, etc to write a short story for each, using the photo as the subject? I'd love to read yours. Remember that you can click to enlarge photos if you want to see them in greater detail.

Now we are back to some breathtaking scenery along Hwy 26 in Wyoming. Other than several miles of gnarly mountain road construction, these are but a few examples of the varied scenery we enjoyed as we Meandered along today.

We were certainly never bored during our drive on any day. This day's drive however, culminated the base of the Grand Tetons, just a few miles from the entrance to Grand Teton National Park! I fell in love with these mountains when we were here a few years ago and am thrilled to return. We plan to stay here until Monday to explore Jackson, Grand Teton Park, and Yellowstone which is just up the road a piece.

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