Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Look at Boise

After our good news about the car, it was too late to go to Hells Canyon today so we decided it would be a good idea to check out the bed situation for when the kids are traveling with us. We had never really tested them. Here are Rich and the girls relaxing on the sofa bed and a shot of the dinette bed too, no gaps between the cushions in this one. Will this be okay, kids?
We treated ourselves to a delicious celebratory burger at Sonic since we don't have those near us at home and it was a beautiful day to sit outside there. Curiosity about signs for a recreational area named Bogus Basin led us to drive 17 miles up into the mountains on a gusty, twisting, steep, narrow, curving road overlooking the city. Bogus Basin is a ski resort in the winter. Today many bicyclists were riding this steep 17 miles and lots of hikers were taking to the many trails. If you thought the drive up South Mountain was scary, you should have been with us today, kids!

Part way up you enter the Boise National Forest. Another scenic drive today with changing terrain along the way, all of this in a mere 17 miles. There's no end to the variety and beauty of this great country!


At the edge of town as you enter or leave this 17 mile drive you pass the Idaho Governor's House. The house was the former home of Boise’s wealthiest citizen, potato baron J. R. Simplot, known as the man who brought the french fry to the American masses. It's said that if you have ever eaten a McDonald's french fry, you've eaten a Simplot potato. He donated the home to the State of Idaho in 2005; the sole restriction was that a 30 x 50 foot American flag continue to fly above the home. Isn't this magnificent? The home sits high on a hill overlooking all of Boise. Like the Illinois Governor's Mansion, there is much controversy over the cost to maintain the residence, especially since the governor has refused to live there. Sound familiar?

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