Monday, August 9, 2010

Geothermal Activity in Yellowstone

You did fix some popcorn and get comfy for this movie marathon, didn't you? The truth is that I really wanted to share these with y'all. Since it took me so long this afternoon to figure out how to do this again, it seemed like a good idea to just post all of the Yellowstone movies while I remember how to do it...chortle!

Yellowstone National Park contains half of the earth's geothermal features! Rich went to the top of this feature and walked around it on the boardwalk to photograph the brilliant colors and variety of terrain it encompasses. Here are some of the photos he took up there. 

The following movie shows the superheated water, flowing from the hot springs pictured above, as it enters the Firehole River.

Lovin' Life ~~ Often Awestruck!

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  1. Great videos! These are much "quieter" than the ones that I have of trips to visit you in CA. Never thought I would hear you speechless. =)

    Your brother's daughter


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