Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seattle Space Needle & First Visitors

This afternoon we Meandered into downtown Seattle where we met G & K to check out the Space Needle which is WAY COOL and such a lovely structure!

The downtown was bustling and very crowded but we called to tell them our location and we all parked in the same lot. Hooray for cell phones and GPS. Soon we were up on the Observation Deck. Here are K and I, then one of G, K, & Rich. 

As you would expect, the views are incredible; Seattle is a beautiful city.

Puget Sound

Lake Union


When G excitedly said, "Oh look, it's the Pink Elephant" I immediately aimed my camera and then asked her what it is. It's a car wash, which cracked me up because yesterday she was lamenting the shortage of car washes in the area. Even so, that was not something that I expected would generate such gleeful excitement!

And we finally have a backward photo to share. Rich and I have done these for years but I don't remember sharing any on this blog yet. K had to lie on the grass to get this shot...isn't it great?

The four of us had dinner at a great little pizza/calzone place and then they accepted our invitation to come out to our place.

On the way we were treated to these incredible views of Mt. Rainier.

Both shots were taken from the car on I-5 heading south out of Seattle...spectacular!

You can imagine how over-the-moon excited the girls were when G & K arrived. I'm sure they thought by now that they were never going to see anyone but us for the rest of their days. Kisses. People! Belly Rubs. Kisses. Friends! Snuggles. Kisses. People!

We are so happy that such good friends were the first to see our new RV. And fun?...these two are a blast to spend time with no matter what we're doing!!!

Livin' Life ~~ Seeing Sights with Friends!

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