Monday, August 16, 2010

A Laid Back Day in Spokane

We are having a pretty laid back day so I decided to work on some photos that haven't been posted here yet. These were all taken along the way while we were in Wyoming. I have been working with my G9 to achieve bokeh in some of my photos and here are some examples where the subject is crisp and the background is blurred. This technique is common on blogs where lots of photos are posted and I love the effect. Since mine is a point and shoot, although a very advanced one, this is not always an easy shot to get.

Again you should take the word "we" not so literally in terms of our day. Rich has worked on the insurance, transfers, keys, move organization, hitch/towing system changes, etc, etc since early this morning. We did some shopping for new linens too since our full size stuff will not work on the new queen bed. And...we will have actual closets so we picked up a few hangers too...heady stuff!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Wildflowers!

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  1. I love your flower pictures! Nice to see some flowers blooming. Here everything is too parched to be very pretty!!!

    Hope you got moved into your new digs o.k. I am sure you are excited. Now Rich will have new projects to keep busy with this winter. =)


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