Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Catching Up Day!

Today was a catching up day. Right after coffee this morning, we called Shelby. Yesterday was her birthday party with school friends. It was held at the "dance place" and they all learned to dance to Rock and Hip Hop which were the dances she chose for her party. She was still excited this morning because it was a lot of fun...and it must have been because we talked about the party and then some other things and she never did mention gifts until I asked what she had gotten. That's my idea of a great party when a 7 year old talks about everything related to the party and not the gifts!

Next we had breakfast out before making returns and doing some shopping. There are always things to buy when settling into new digs...even RVs. Rich installed a new shower head that has a hose and a new bathroom faucet. Isn't this a beautiful faucet? Does it look familiar?

Yep, it is the same faucet that he had just installed in the old RV. I wanted to ask them to move it like they did the kitchen faucet but Rich thought we had asked for enough by that time. Home Depot here carried the same one and he put it in today. That's quite a challenge in these small spaces so he had to take the sink out to remove the old and put in the new faucet. It is so worth it though.

Here he's reinstalling the fire extinguisher holder because it wasn't secure on the wall; he did like a hundred other chores too yesterday morning and today. Right now he is scraping blue dye from a bathroom cabinet door. That was the only damage to the interior when we bought it; someone had laid a bottle of toilet chemical in a drawer, it spilled, stained the inside of the drawer, and dripped down that door. This is the last of his fix-it list... the current list anyway!


While he did that, I made a big batch of our favorite cottage cheese & egg pancakes for the freezer.


Even though it's pretty small, our new kitchen is very functional...for the amount of cooking on the road that I do anyway. While we were both busy with our chores, Bella stayed right by my feet as I worked, so at least the kitchen is big enough for both of us!

As is typical for her, Dora just relaxed in the driver's chair and disinterestedly watched us all from afar.

We even had time to take the girls to the dog park here at KOA this afternoon. Our timing was great because another couple was there with their Wheaten, Winston! They were fun to meet and talk with, as are all RVers it seems, and the three dogs all got a good run. One great thing about a relaxing chores day is that I'll actually get some sleep tonight instead of spending the night blogging!
Lovin' Life ~~ And Its Chores!

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