Monday, August 9, 2010

Jackson and Jenny Lake, Wyoming

I briefly contemplated actually sleeping tonight instead of blogging, but it seems I'm addicted...when traveling at least. One thing that I want to clear up from an earlier post, but that I suspect you may have figured out by yourself if you are following regularly. When the RV is parked and we are exploring in the Saturn, Rich is amazingly accommodating about whipping around or stopping on a dime or whatever risky maneuver is required for me to take a photo...there, isn't clarity wonderful? Don't we all love much deserved credit? And MOAO certainly deserves it!

These next two photos are a perfect example. There is a stagecoach that you can ride around Jackson in and we followed it for quite a while before I got these two photos without cars, people, half the stagecoach missing, crazy angle, etc. Rich had gone around the block, parked at strange angles, and stopped almost next to it until we wondered if the guy was getting concerned about us being some kind of crazed stagecoach stalkers! I hope you enjoy these Mom; we took them for you.

Since yesterday was our last day in the Tetons, we had a late breakfast at The Bunnery in Jackson where the food was delicious but the restaurant had the most bizarre layout I've ever seen. You have to fight your way through throngs of waiting customers from the dining areas to the bakery section, that is sort of in a next door building, in order to pay your bill...weirdness. We ate in an outside dining area...isn't is lovely? The morning was glorious! I highly recommend that you eat there if you're in Jackson.

No visit to Jackson is complete without the photo below. At each of the four corners of the downtown square, there is an arch made of Elk antlers. Way cool!

There are many art galleries in Jackson; we parked across the street from one that displays several large bronze sculptures outside. Here are my two favorites.

Don't you think Rich and Ben would have had much to talk about?

Then we drove to Jenny Lake, which we remembered from our last trip. Pick your own adjective to describe the beauty of this lake.
I enjoyed watching this gentleman paint the scene that I photographed above.

In this one you an see how clear the water is and how smooth the stones are in the bottom.
Another note of appreciation here...Rich has stopped at each and every gift shop and visitor center in the Teton area so that I could check it out. The last time we were here, there was one that I just loved and I wanted to see what gems from local artisans they have for sale now. As we were leaving the Jenny Lake area, we saw the sign for Signal Mountain Lodge, which was the only one we had not stopped for. That name was not familiar to me at all but Rich turned off and went there anyway...thank goodness. That was it! Again, highly recommended, it is a great little shop and also a great restaurant.
Lovin' Life ~~ With Deep Appreciation,

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