Saturday, August 21, 2010


Today was one of the best of our trip!

G was Sandee's best friend in high school and maid of honor at her wedding. She and I have kept in contact through the years and she invited us to their home while we're in the area. This is their Newfoundland, Bella. Quite a contrast with our Bella, huh?

G, her daughter, K, Rich and I went to Costco for dinner stuff.

G's husband, D, and Rich shared a few laughs while he grilled steaks.

One of life's many joys is reconnecting with those from our Yesterdays. She is so artistically talented, very smart, a great mom, devoted to her entire family, and has such a generous outgoing personality. Her daughter and husband possess all of those traits too. Even though she and Sandee were friends, Rich and I felt right at home as great friends of theirs too this evening. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, had so much fun catching up and are really looking forward to seeing G & K again tomorrow.

And to top off this perfect day...we were treated to this sight of the Space Needle on our way home tonight!

Lovin' Life ~~ and Precious Friendships!

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  1. I'm so happy that you came up here to Wa and visited! (:


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