Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello Idaho!

Take my word for it, this lot in Baker City, OR was filled with semis the night before but obviously they all got a much earlier Friday morning start than we did.

While we were getting ready to roll, we noticed people pulling into our lot, getting out of their cars, and leaving a few minutes later. Rich was outside and had me bring my camera to get a shot of what was so interesting to folks. This was in the lot next to the one we were parked in and was attracting much attention in this small town.

Do you think the driver should have given more thought to his load distribution before unhooking the trailer??? Too funny!

I guess he may not have seen the humor in it when he had to call in for assistance.
As we continued through Oregon Friday morning, here were some of the sights. There is nothing near that huge concrete plant but a ready supply of lime, we could see it in the rocks along the road. We came upon the Snake River which Meanders throughout the Northwest it seems, just like we have. And, I must confess that I never realized that the name Ore-Ida referred to Oregon and Idaho until we saw this plant just before the state border. We also saw lots of straw being baled.



Shortly after entering Idaho, we stopped at a lovely rest area along the Snake River for a break and lunch. 
Then we drove on into the capitol of Idaho, Boise.

We planned to stay here for a few nights and explore the Hells Canyon area. This stop was on our original itinerary, Rich had heard about Hells Canyon years ago. After setting up at the RV Park, we made a quick trip to the nearby Wal-Mart for a few items. On the way back, the Saturn was not shifting right and we could smell transmission fluid. This was not a happy thing...ya think?

Rich checked out what he could and then did research to find a shop that would be open today. He left for the suburb of Nampa at 7:00 this morning hoping that he could get the car in today. It drove great all the way out there but, when he called me, we still decided that he should see if they could check it out. They could get it in early this afternoon and their records did show that it is still under warranty. He just called a few minutes ago with the great news that they got it in earlier than they thought and all systems checked out fine. Apparently it was just still hot from the road when we drove it. Anyway, what a relief!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Great Outcomes!

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