Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boysen Reservoir & Wind River Canyon

As promised, I'm continuing to share photos from yesterday. After lunch we encountered a windy rainy storm. Thankfully, it did not last long and I have an expert driver behind the wheel at all times.

We came to Boysen Reservoir and Dam which was even more beautiful this morning with the sun shining on it...more on that later.

Shortly after entering the 10 mile long Wind River Canyon, we came to these tunnels. The one on the left is a railroad tunnel and there were three vehicle tunnels.

The canyon was deep, colorful, constantly changing, breathtaking...HELP, I'm going to need a fresh supply of adjectives for this trip! Here are several photos of the canyon and the Wind River that flows through it. This drive ended at the town of Thermopolis where we stayed last night.

I sorted through the three hundred photos taken yesterday to give you some idea of the variety and magnificence of just this one section of Wyoming from Cheyenne to Thermopolis. Last evening we enjoyed a completely different experience so there's more to come from the photos taken yesterday.
Lovin' Life,

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