Friday, August 6, 2010

Stormy Weather

This was taken at a scenic overlook on our drive to Jackson this morning. The morning was beautiful and clear. While we had lunch, there was a brief rainstorm which is typical in the mountains during the summer. By the time we left the restaurant though, the sun was shining again.

We got back to camp with laundry and groceries around 6:00 p.m., put everything away, and loaded the girls in the car for a ride down to the Snake River before the storm that was obviously headed our way.

We were not at the river very long before the lightning and thunder started. The girls had NO interest in wading so didn't seem to mind our quick return to the car! Here are a few photos of the storm as we drove back to camp.

Oh yeah, can you say WICKED? The wind was so strong that as soon as we got to camp, a neighbor and Rich took down the awning at another neighbor's RV so that it wouldn't get destroyed. We, however, were secure and comfy in our home away from home throughout the storm.

The neighbors just got back so Rich went over to explain about their awning. They had taken a boat trip at Jenny Lake and, when the lightning started, the return trip was delayed until the storm had completely passed. They were so relieved to see that there was no damage to their rig or awning!
Lovin' Life ~~ During Storms Too!

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